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Dragon finial installed on a tiled conservatory roof in Guernsey

Written by Sunday, 05 April 2020 10:40;
Published in Customer Pictures;

dragon on a tile roof Guernsey

This great collection of photos was sent in by a customer showing a dragon finial sitting proudly on a tiled conservatory roof in Guernsey. The customer has an amazing property with a great seaview and were undertaking a renovation project to the property to add a conservatory extension with a tiled roof. They were interested in a feature to decorate the roof and opted for a dragon finial to add character. The conservatory roof is multi sided and has clay roof tiles, ridge tiles and bonnet tiles running up the hips with the Dragon as the fantastic centerpiece

As you can see from the photos the actual dragon is a half round dragon and can be used for hip end, multi sided and gable end roofs to great effect. The roofer fitted the Dragon in place on the ridge line using traditional mortar bedding and mortar join to give a neat finish. There is a run of half round ridge tiles that are installed adjacent to the ridge dragon and the roofer worked back from the Dragon to complete the install

Check out the photo gallery to see the tiled conservatory roof under construction, the roofer plying his trade and installing the dragon and ridge fittings and the finished dragon install with the fantastic view of the sea. The customer also purchased a gargoyle wall plaque which is going to be integrated into the internal design and painted to create a lovely gothic themed feature indoors

Check out the gallery photos below and be sure to check out the great ridge dragon designs that we offer