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Ridge dragon installed on manor house roof

Written by Sunday, 05 April 2020 14:29;
Published in Customer Pictures;

ridge dragon installed on manor house roof

This traditional English farmhouse manor is set in a rural area with farmland and was undergoing extensive roofing and refurbishment work to restore character and return it to as close to its magnificent original condition as possible. The customer wanted to add some personal touches and particularly something decorative for the gable end roof elevations. They opted to install angled ridge dragons on the roof to decorate the gable ends. They add some great architectural detail to the roof and are a point of interest when you look at the manor house

The dragons are finished in terracotta with an aged finish and are installed as the end tile on the run of ridge tiles. The manor house features some original roof fittings such as the ridge tiles which are clay ridges and the roof tiles which are hand made clay tiles. The handmade clay tiles tend to have small imperfections and as such give the roof good character and the colour is a nice brindle finish. The ridge dragons in comparison also are traditional in design and enhances the manor house roof to create a really nice feature

The manor house features wooden beams and original features inside and out of the property and although we have of course described the ridge dragons as also being traditional they can be installed on older more traditional properties such as this one but looks equally as good on Victorian, Edwardian and more modern properties too as they are very versatile

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