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Terracotta winged ridge gargoyle install

Written by Wednesday, 08 April 2020 10:54;
Published in Customer Pictures;

dragon on gable end

This terracotta winged ridge gargoyle finial is installed on the gable end of an attractive property in Sidcup, Kent. The customer was looking for something that was ornate to create a nice feature and focal point on the roof. The gargoyle serves as an interesting and eye catching feature as most other properties in the street have more subtle roof finials installed and some have wooden or fibreglass finials. The gargoyle by comparison is ornate but not so ornate where it looks out of place or whimsical. The gargoyle’s wings are outstretched so it creates a good focal point and silhouette on the roof and looks down from the gable

The property itself is brick built and the bricks are quite a vivid orange shade of terracotta. The vertical wall tiles on the gable end are also quite a close match in terms of the colour to the brickwork. The gargoyle colour compliments them nicely and finishes off the gable really nicely since it is fitted in a prominent position on the gable roof elevation. The roof extends to the left of what is shown in the photos

This is a good case study showing how finials can be used to add detail and decoration to the roof. We can produce the ridge dragons, gargoyles and finials in other colours such as black, grey and brown to suit all kinds of different roofs and styles. The customer has received some really positive comments on the gargoyle because it works really well with their property and the colour, scaling and sizing of it looks really good

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