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Epping ridge dragons installed on roof elevations

Written by Tuesday, 07 April 2020 10:13;

dragon on gable end

This property in Epping showcases a range of fantastic ridge dragon finials on the many roof elevations. The dragons are installed on the gable ends and there is a mixture of large, medium and small dragon finials that have been creatively used to create features on the roofs. Most are used on the main roof elevations and the smaller dragon has been used on the garage

The property itself is brick built and has cream rendering and dark wooden beams which give it character and it is topped by a clay tiled roof, roofed with clay plain tiles of various terracotta and brown colours to create a nice rustic brindle effect. It looks like the property may have once had wooden roof finials judging by the fascias and soffits but the upgrade to the tiled roof and finials is a vast improvement. This property has interlocking clay ridge tiles and this is a very good example of where although you may have interlocking ridges you can still incorporate roof finials and the roofer works back from the finials and the cuts and angle grinding is done on corners or where the ridge run terminates

The property has a lot of character due to the overall look and the dragons really help to make it eye catching and interesting. Also of note is the fantastic and ornate working chimneys which are set on large grand chimney stacks. The soot from the chimney and local weathering conditions will ensure the roof and dragons weather nice and naturally over the years to further enhance the look and character of the property

Check out the gallery photos below and be sure to check out the great ridge dragon designs that we offer

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Terracotta winged ridge gargoyle install

Written by Wednesday, 08 April 2020 10:54;

dragon on gable end

This terracotta winged ridge gargoyle finial is installed on the gable end of an attractive property in Sidcup, Kent. The customer was looking for something that was ornate to create a nice feature and focal point on the roof. The gargoyle serves as an interesting and eye catching feature as most other properties in the street have more subtle roof finials installed and some have wooden or fibreglass finials. The gargoyle by comparison is ornate but not so ornate where it looks out of place or whimsical. The gargoyle’s wings are outstretched so it creates a good focal point and silhouette on the roof and looks down from the gable

The property itself is brick built and the bricks are quite a vivid orange shade of terracotta. The vertical wall tiles on the gable end are also quite a close match in terms of the colour to the brickwork. The gargoyle colour compliments them nicely and finishes off the gable really nicely since it is fitted in a prominent position on the gable roof elevation. The roof extends to the left of what is shown in the photos

This is a good case study showing how finials can be used to add detail and decoration to the roof. We can produce the ridge dragons, gargoyles and finials in other colours such as black, grey and brown to suit all kinds of different roofs and styles. The customer has received some really positive comments on the gargoyle because it works really well with their property and the colour, scaling and sizing of it looks really good

Check out the gallery photos below and be sure to check out the great ridge dragon designs that we offer

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Ridge gargoyle finials near the sea

Written by Tuesday, 07 April 2020 07:34;

gargoyle roof finial with sea and dunes in background

This picture collection was sent in by a delighted customer that purchased two ridge gargoyles to decorate the two gables for their new build property located on the South Coast, UK. The pictures show the new build property in the process of being built with scaffolding up and shows the ridge gargoyles fitted in place at each end of the ridge tile run. The customer opted for gargoyles as a way to add a decorative and creative feature on the roof

The new build property is brick construction with the roof finished in slate with velux windows and there are roll top terracotta ridge tiles that span the ridge run which give good colour contrast and detail on the roof. This particular variety of gargoyle finial is based upon a roll top ridge tile profile design and as you can see from the pictures it works perfectly alongside the plain roll top ridges on the roof and is a good match for the design and colour. The gargoyles create a lovely feature on each gable end with one overlooking one part of the garden and the other overlooking the other part of the garden

One of the gargoyles has a great background setting when viewed side on as the sea and sand dunes can be seen which looks absolutely stunning on a sunny day. The sizing of the gargoyles are perfect for this roofing project and work really well with the existing ridges, we do of course offer many different gargoyles to suit different tastes, styles and types of roofs

Check out the gallery photos and be sure to check out the great ridge gargoyle designs that we offer

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Build your own bird table with tiled roof and gargoyle finial

Written by Tuesday, 07 April 2020 08:03;

build your own bird table with tiled roof

Here is a creative use for a ridge gargoyle, why not build your own bird table for the garden and make a real feature of it by decorating it with an ornate gargoyle finial? This is exactly what one of our customers created and when they completed their project they sent a fantastic set of pictures showing the finished creation

The bird table is timber hardwood construction and finished with a dark stain for the main part of the structure and the roof section. It has a tiled roof which features terracotta plain roof tiles and roll top ridge tiles with the gargoyle which serves as the prominent piece that looks down from the apex. It is a very functional and clever creation where nuts, seeds and food can be left out on the bird table to feed birds and other wildlife

The bird table features a small nesting box to cater for smaller birds to make a functional nest to rear their young. It is a great example of how roof finials can be used in creative ways to create something that looks stunning. Our customers find all kinds of creative ways to use the finials not only on roofs but for installations, displays and ornamental use. There are literally no limits to an individual’s creativity when it comes to incorporating the pieces in a particular design. This is just one example of the gargoyle range, there are many others to choose from plus other types of finials which come in different sizes and styles to suit a range of different tastes and applications

Check out the gallery below and be sure to check out the great ridge gargoyle designs that we offer

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