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Garden folly and ruins with gothic theme and ridge gargoyle

Written by Tuesday, 07 April 2020 12:48;

Garden folly and ruins gothic theme gargoyle

The customer sent in a great collection of photos showing the finished garden folly and ruins with gothic theme and ridge gargoyle. Their creation has created a lovely outdoor space and if you want to build your own garden folly and ruins great results can be achieved as these set of photos demonstrate. Several key components can be used to make your own ruins such as reclaimed bricks, gothic windows, plaques, keystones, planted flowers, shrubs and of course a gothic themed gargoyle finial to top it off. You could also use stone, mortar and other architectural items to produce your very own design

These ruins are built with a corner design and the bricks have been laid to look incomplete and authentic just as you’d imagine a ruined brick built building. Attention is drawn to the many focal areas of the ruins, the gargoyle finial looks down from the amazing gothic themed window which has stained glass. The area is completed with stone slabs and a traditional style cast iron chair and table set to enjoy outdoor dining and a cast iron bench for relaxation

The area is complete with a large decorative cast iron chimnea which can be used to burn logs to take the edge off a chilly evening. It demonstrates really well how materials can be used creatively to construct something that looks fantastic and servers as a functional space. We can supply all manner of gargoyles, dragons, wyverns and grotesques if this has inspired you to make your very own garden folly and ruins

Check out the gallery below and be sure to check out the great ridge gargoyle designs that we offer

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Ridge dragon on the roof Herstmoncouex

Written by Wednesday, 08 April 2020 00:27;

Herstmoncouex dragon roof finial

This collection of photos was sent in by a customer that was renovating their property in Herstmoncouex in East Sussex. They were replacing the entire roof because the existing roof was in a sorry state of repair. They wanted a decorative finial to decorate the hip end section of the roof as most of the other properties in the street had ornate roof finials

They opted for an emperor winged dragon finial because it is a grand piece with excellent detail and features. The property is brick built and the customer had the roof finished with slate and terracotta ridges tiles and of course the fantastic dragon finial as the end piece. The roofer has done a good job of installing it so it overlooks the hip end and has run the ridge tiles back from the dragon to the chimney stack and from the chimney stack along the length of the ridge line

The property really looks the part with the finished slate roof and dragon finial and a special mention goes to those fantastic chimney stacks with the old barrelled chimney pots. On some roofs the roofers will use a course of ridge tiles or bonnet tiles for the hips. In this case the roofer has done a fine job with the lead work on the hips and around the chimney and in actual fact because it has been done this way attention is drawn more to the ridge dragon and the lovely chimney stacks so it really does highlight the important and period features on the roof

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Ridge dragon installed on extension roof

Written by Wednesday, 08 April 2020 12:00;

Dragon finial and cupola Tiptree

This set of photos was sent in by a customer that was renovating their property in Tiptree, Essex. Their home is extended to the front and they was looking for a decorative ridge finial to decorate the gable end roof elevation on the extension. They opted for a traditional style ridge dragon because they were able to source slate for the roof and some nice reclaimed terracotta hole crested ridge tiles from a reclamation yard. They needed something to create a feature on the gable end and also that would be in keeping with the ridges and the theme of their property

The property itself features some lovely features, it is brick built with slate roof and ridges. It has smaller details that add character and interest such as the wooden cladding on some of the walls to give nice colour variation and on the roof sited close to where the dragon is installed is a fantastic cupola with a copper eagle weathervane. A special mention also goes to the gothic styled windows which although are modern double glazing are arched with a distinct gothic theme. The dragon ties nicely into the gothic theme because they are similar in design to gargoyles, grotesques, wyverns, griffins which feature in gothic architecture

The customer is really delighted with the end result because the dragon is quite a focal point as when you enter via the driveway attention is drawn to it and the cupola. The dragon has the backdrop of the house behind it and is overlooking the drive\courtyard area

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Roof finials installed on property in Southampton

Written by Wednesday, 08 April 2020 14:01;

southampton roof finials

Wow where to start and what to say about this fantastic set of photos sent in from a customer that was renovating their property in Southampton and wanted to create a feautre using roof finials. There are several roof dragons, fleur de lys and obelisk on other parts of the ridge line to add architectural detail and interest to the roof and turn the roof into a nice eye catching feature

The property itself is a large brick built structure with several roof elevations tiled with plain tiles, roof finials, hole crested ridges and cocks comb ridges. The building even has it’s very own castle tower!. There are many other details such as the vertical wall tiles, decorative windows, keystones and gargoyle statues that give it real character. The photos show the work in progress with the scaffolding up and finished installs

It showcases some really nice pieces that we are able to produce but this is just the tip of the iceberg because we can produce traditional finials in all manner if shapes, sizes and style to suit many different kinds of tastes. We can also produce the roof finials in terracotta, black, grey and brown so they are tailored to your needs. The pieces that are produced are excellent quality and weather the same as normal roof coverings so the pieces featured in this collection will weather naturally and gracefully and it will enhance the look even more as the roof weathers and moss and lychen grow naturally on the tiles

Check out the gallery photos below and be sure to check out the great ridge dragon designs that we offer

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