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Roof dragons installed on a garage workshop roof

Written by Sunday, 05 April 2020 16:55;

garage roof with slate and tiles dragon finials

A customer sent us in some really nice photos after their project was complete, it features 2 of the small dragon finials from the range installed on their garage workshop roof. The customer is located down in sunny Portsmouth and in the area the properties tend to be Victorian\Edwardian and most feature decorative roof finials to decorate the various roof elevations. One can be seen opposite in one of the photos in actual fact, an ornate scroll finial

The garage was a brand new construction project and is a brick built structure with rendered finish and has a garage door for access to the rear and some windows to let in some light. The roof was slated with Welsh slate and there is run of terracotta ridge tiles on the ridge line and dragons at either end of the ridge tile run. The finished garage workshop looks great and the customer was delighted with the roof dragons as they really add really nice character and decoration to the garage workshop roof

The dragons look great on structures of this scale because in this case you have one dragon located above the garage door and the other which is situated to the pavement\roadside. This particular dragon can be better appreciated close up because it is smaller in stature than some of the other dragons and features excellent detail when viewed close up. They also look the correct scale for the structure and create a point of interest when viewed from the front garden or from the street

Check out the gallery photos below and be sure to check out the great ridge dragon designs that we offer

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Winged dragon finial in Bridge, Kent

Written by Monday, 06 April 2020 12:54;

bridge kent roof dragon finial

This great collection of photos were taken on a sunny day with blue skies by a happy customer following the install of their winged ridge dragon on their roof. The dragon was installed on the gable end of a semi-detached traditional cottage in a prominent position in the pretty village of Bridge in Kent. The roofer removed the existing ridge tile and used mortar bedding to install the dragon on the gable end in place and it has created a lovely feature on the roof

This particular roof dragon is one of the larger in the range and is sized really nice for the cottage roof because the roof itself has quite a large slope and pitch so the scaling looks just right as can be seen in the photos. We do of course have smaller dragons and even larger in the range to suit all kinds of tastes, styles and sizes

The cottage itself looks like it is Victorian era and features decorative clay brindle brickwork throughout and the roof has traditional clay handmade roof tiles and clay ridges. It is sited close to the high street so the customer advised that when they are watering the plants they have received many positive comments on the dragon from passers-by as it can be seen from the roadside and creates a nice eye catching feature on the roof. It is great to see that the dragon creates such a nice feature on an older traditional property and preserves an English tradition of using roof finials to add detail and interest to the roof

Check out the gallery photos below and be sure to check out the great ridge dragon designs that we offer

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Captains Lodge & Tregonwell Teas ridge dragons

Written by Monday, 06 April 2020 14:01;

The Captains Lodge dragon finial lynton and lynmouth devon

This amazing collection of photos is for ridge dragon finials that we supplied that sit proudly on the Captains Lodge and Tregonwell Teas houses in Lynton and Lynmouth which are pretty picture postcard villages in Devon. The solid stone built houses were commissioned for a Victorian sea captain in the heyday of the British Empire and feature slate roofs with clay ridge tiles. Today they serve as a B&B and teahouse and are popular with tourists and locals. The area is in the heart of Exmoor National Park and has stunning scenery and is a great setting for the dragons which create a beautiful and eye catching feature

This area is popular for walking and when walkers enter the village via Tors Road which winds down to the pretty village of Lynmouth it offers a great view of the dragons. The buildings are sited close to the East Lyn river which is at times a fast flowing river that flows into the Bristol Channel. There is a great picture showing one of the dragons from the back view overlooking the fast flowing river where the water is cascading through the village!. The dragons themselves are installed on a dormer window and a gable end on each building which look over the street and river

The dragon finials can be viewed from the street level or from across the East Lyn river and I am sure they have been a popular and eye catching feature for locals and tourists because they add a fantastic feature and interest to the rooftops

Check out the gallery photos below and be sure to check out the great ridge dragon designs that we offer

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Timber frame porch ridge dragon finial

Written by Monday, 06 April 2020 14:45;

timber frame porch dragon

This timber framed porch features a stunning segmental ridge dragon finial as part of its design and features which sits proudly at its apex. The customer was renovating a lovely property situated in East Grinstead in Sussex and built a new build timber porch which is tiled with terracotta plain tiles and segmental ridge tiles. They was looking to integrate a roof finial as part of the design to add a striking decorative feature so a segmental dragon of course was the obvious choice as it matched the ridge profile and has excellent sculptural detail

As you can see the end result looks fantastic, the house has a rendered finish over the brickwork with new terracotta vertical tiles which are bright and vivid and the porch itself is more traditional looking with its thick timber framing and brindle style tiled roof with the ridge dragon. The ridge dragon is fitted into place using standard mortar mix and the roofer set some tiles decoratively in the mortar bond to give a nice finish to the front of the dragon

The customer was delighted with the end result and it has created a great feature because as you approach the property the roof dragon is eyes catching and because it is closer up you can really appreciated the details in it. The customer has received many nice comments on the timber frame porch and dragon and it has proved to be a great way to integrate the dragons to create a very creative feature which is perhaps different to the standard designs you may normally see

Check out the gallery photos below and be sure to check out the great ridge dragon designs that we offer

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