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Winged dragon finials installed on a hip end roof

We supplied these stunning winged ridge dragons to a customer that was refurbishing their roof with slates and terracotta ridge tiles and they sent us in a collection of photos showing the finished works. The property is located in Streatham, London and there are many properties in the area that feature decorative roof finials and dragons as part of the architecture. The winged dragons are installed at opposite ends of the ridge tile run on hip end roofs, As you can see in the photos gable end roof finials can actually be used to great effect on a roof with hip ends and instead of the finial shaped in such a way to lead into the hips (hip end finials) the actual ridge tiles on the hips are cut\angle grinded to meet the finials and the mortar bonds and leaves a nice neat finish

The customer has used new ridge tiles for their roof refurbishment, these will weather naturally on the roof when moss and lichen takes to them and local conditions, dirt and dust will weather them as will the roof dragons. The terracotta ridges and finials look great installed on the slate roof because it gives a nice colour variation and when you look at the property as a whole it gives nice character because the terracotta roof fittings and mortar match nicely with the brickwork and other detail in the property and the slate is a contrasting colour but natural looking

There is another dragon that was installed on a gable end roof for the same property which is shown in the finial gallery below. You can't see from the photos but this gable end dragon looks out over the garden so creates a nice features and gives character to the roof

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